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Tower Hoist Manufacturer in India | Batala

The TOWER HOIST surpasses any other cranes in terms of utility and versatility. It comes with perfect lifting technology for any civil engineering job. These exceptionally adaptable cranes have demonstrated their worth both in the construction of residential buildings and on large scale industrial projects all over the world. This versatile equipment can reach out just as far and rise hundreds of feet into the air.

A TOWER HOIST has following characteristics and specifications:

  • Maximum lifting power- 19.8 tons, 300 tonne- meters
  • Maximum reach- 230 feet
  • Counterweights- 20 short tons
  • Maximum unsupported height: 265 feet 80

The TOWER HOIST is a modern sort of balance crane. They offer the best mix of height and lifting ability. This crane consists of fundamental parts as:

  • Foundation : the foundation is fixed to the earth that supports the crane.
  • Mast (tower): It is joined to the foundation and to save space and provide firmness this perpendicular part of the crane is often mounted on substantial beams braced onto the completed structure. Mast gives height to the crane.
  • Slewing unit : It is attached to the top of the mast. It's gear and motor that enables rotating.
  • Jib : this is mounted on the slewing unit. The load is suspended by the jib from the trolley. The trolley motor can be found on the Jib.
  • Counter Jib : this part is mounted on the slewing unit. It carries a counter weight of concrete blocks. Transmissions and the hoist motor are located on the mechanical desk on the counter Jib.
  • Operator's cabin : It is located at the top of the tower attached to the unit that is slewing, but can be mounted on the Jib or partway down the tower.

The operator works in conjunction with signaler to hook and unhook the loads. The sizeable fraction of the TOWER HOIST in the world is in use in Dubai.There is great demand for this gear. Tower cranes are made with precision and care for a finished product that stands up to years of use making unloading and loading.

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