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Making concrete tiles and other concrete products is a very rewarding business. I can make this statement fairly unequivocally since I was in this business most of my life. You may ask why making something as trivial as cement tiles should be a great money maker. Here are seven great reasons:

1. You can start a home-based business. It's possible for you to operate from your garage with no added costs. You can start out this way and when the business grows you can go to larger premises to accommodate your concrete Parking Tiles Making Machine, and the drying stands for hundreds of concrete tiles.

2. It's possible for you to start your concrete tiles business with molds that are handmade. You make these from plywood and sheet metal at very low cost. These forms are easy to make from instructions and available plans in your home workshop. Using hand molds one person can turn out 100 concrete tiles each day fairly easily.

3. Many other concrete products which you can make, and the demand for concrete tiles, never falters. They are a commodity which the construction trades use to build all types of structure from backyard projects that are tiny to enormous buildings. As long as building continues there will be a demand for your products.

4.Tiles aren't one-day wonder widgets. Some things have a tremendous demand for an extremely limited period then fade from the scene. Think of Rubik's cube or the hula hoop. Things such as this are a short-term craze that is swiftly replaced by the next one. Concrete products, however, continue to be in demand year after year, and the demand increases steadily.

5. There's no big financial danger when you start a home based business. It's possible for you to begin with as little as a couple of hundred dollars. All you need is the plywood and sheet metal to build your hand forms and a supply of the fundamental materials for your concrete mix. These are Portland cement,gravel,sand, and water. All of these can be got at your local construction supply store.

6. When you furnish your products to buyers in your local region, you have no high transportation costs. Concrete products are costly to transport from a distant maker because of their weight and size. You can supply hometown customers at a price that is very good and make an excellent gain.

7. When your business grows to the point that you can't make enough tiles with hand molds, you will need a Tile making machine. The only negative is that this is expensive. By raising your production considerably, the machine will pay for it is theprice. The choice is to build your ownlow-cost machine from auto parts and a few odds and ends. Can you build your own machine? Yes, you very definitely can from plans with directions which are readily accessible.

These seven reasons will paint the picture for you. Other concrete products and making concrete tiles is a money-making business which you can begin part time while you still hold a job. The threat is little, and the benefits are fantastic. Why not find out more about it?

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