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Fly Ash Brick Making Plant

We are manufacturing and supplying fine quality of fly-ash brick making plant machines which are offered 5 hp motor. These machines are known for strength, better service lives and areOur Fly ash brick making plant has been designed to manufacture fly ash bricks with Eco-friendly technology. It is a simple & cost effective technology available in the country. The heart of the plant is an indigenous design, a relatively low cost & high productivity machine. Other component machines of the plant Pan Mixture, Conveyor & wooden Pallets are economically & efficiently designed to give a maximum output.

Technical Specification


The Technology adopted for making fly ash bricks is eco-friendly. It does not require steaming or auto calving as the bricks are cured by water only. Since the firing process is avoided, there are no emissions and no effluent is discharged. On the other hand, it solves the problem of fly ash disposal.


  • A Brick Machine is hydraulically operated, automatic, controlled by electronic circuits. This can be mastered with little basic electrical knowledge.
  • Brick making machine develops 50 To 100 tons of compressive force over the bricks uniformly and hold the pressure for required time allowing the materials to flow and form.
  • The machine structure is carefully designed to take up the heavy cyclic loads.
  • Monogram on the brick can be embossed.
  • Very high production at relatively low cost.


  • A sturdily constructed machine with heavy rollers to grind and mix the material thoroughly.
  • Drive through trouble less, quality worm reduction gearbox.
  • Easy bottom unloading mechanism with door arrangement.
  • Capacity:Â Â 300kg to 800kg/batch.
  • Power (Motor): 10hp to25hp.
  • Manufacturing: Mixing of raw materials of Fly- Ash.
  • Bricks and Concrete.
  • Discharge: Bottom Door Opening Manual.
  • Mixing: By Heavy Rollers and Hand faced Scrapers.


  • Frames and intermittent bins fabricated sturdily
  • The fly ash mix can be regulated according to the speed of the brick-making machine.
  • Nylon with rubber top conveyor belts.
  • Friction less idlers.


A collecting Hopper is provided on the upper side of the main body. It collects mixed material from conveyor belt & stores it. The required quantity of the mixed material is then dispatched automatically from hopper & bricks are manufactured..


Novel and ergo metric design to handle the bricks with pallets for effortless and easy transportation of fly ash bricks with reduced labour


A fully automatic FA Bricks machine includes control panel with PLC system to help automation of raw material feeding, mixing, conveyor belt operating to bricks formation & bricks output. One skilled worker can handle the system & it helps in reducing of dependency on labors as well as getting work done faster.

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