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​Concrete Block Making Machine Manual Type

It is the High Density Concrete Block Making Machine, wooden or steel pallets fed and located by the high frequency vibrating table. Mould is filled manually which is over the pallet. The mix is pressed and vibrated on both sides simultaneously, resulting in voids free, high density blocks with excellent texture and finish.

The blocks thus formed are voids free, 30% more denser which makes the block less water obsorbtion and manifold increase in satrength which is not at all achievable in egg laying and hand operated machines. Formed blocks are dragged away from the Concrete Block Making Machine Manual Type.

Technical Specification

1. Power 1.5 HP Single/Three Phase motor (or) 4.4 HP Air Cooled diesel engine.
The motors driving vibrators are hinged in the frame to give free movement to the table.
2. Vibrations 6000 Hz.
3. Amplitude Adjustable
4. Moulding Area 350 X 750 mm (max)
4. Weight 350 Kg (approx)
5. Dimensions 840 X 725 X 1800 mm (max)
6. Capacity 250-300 Strokes/Shift
  200x200x400 1 block / stroke 250-5000 Blocks/Shift
150x200x400 1 block / stroke 250-5000 Blocks/Shift
100x200x400 2 blocks / stroke 500-1000 Blocks/Shift

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